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The age of experience

We are moving from age of ownership to a new age of experiences, the era of right era, right now, of instant gratification. The social currency of today is not so much what you own but what you do.

The challenge for brands is to move beyond and product-centric communication and instead give people experiences to fit the lifestyles and values they embody.

We believe that virtual reality is an important new medium for brands and artists to create experiences for their audiences.

VR’s Potential

VR offers a number of advantages over traditional digital media.

  • It’s immersive – in a very literal way, the user is totally immersed without distractions.
  • It’s engaging – the immediacy of VR means that user is more emotionally engaged in the experience, it stimulates the senses in a more intense way – 80% of consumers will talk to their friends about a VR experience.
  • It’s memorable – it’s a well understood phenomena that the human brain is wired to link memories to locations. This results in greater retention of information – 80% of retention after 1 year, vs 20% for IRL training.
  • It’s impactful – VR impacts behavior, PTSD and phobia treatment , to reducing racism or gender bias, to increasing donations by 40% and desire to save for retirement by 100%…

We believe that VR has real power to influence behaviour. Whilst VR is a new medium, but there is no question that people in the future people will be spending increasing amounts of time interacting with the world through these types of devices. Organisations that understand this new medium will have a real competitive advantage so the question is how do you want to use this technology to make an impact for your brand.

Our Proposition

We feel that there is a bridge missing between brand strategy and VR makers. You rarely get purpose and form. Because brands need a partner to translate their strategic aspirations, into purpose driven creative ideas and need to be able to have a dialogue throughout the production process, and finally to track results and measure ROI.

Mbryonic connects the dots between strategy, creative and delivery in order to maximise the quality and ROI.

We start with distribution, how best to deliver your experience to your audience. Whether an installation or pop-up event, an app distributed online and 360 content for social media.

We are known for our creativity – we like to think out of the box to produce something, new and innovative. We look for that wow-factor, that extra touch that will engage your audience. Our work has been shown in art galleries and been awarded prizes.

From there we right production formats – high-end interactive content built with Unity and Unreal for PC or console, mobile applications for Samsung Gear and Google Daydream, CGI generated content, 360 video production or any combination of the above. We guide our clients through the process to provide peace of mind with clear communication, transparency, and no jargon.

We have three years experience working with leading brands and organisations to explore the world of virtual reality. We understand the medium, what works and what doesn’t. We are in VR for the long-term and we believe in long-term relationships with our clients. That’s why we would love for you to get in touch.

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