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Bubble is an Israeli health services startup attempting to hack the UX of cancer treatment and recovery through combining cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), guided imagery, meditation, and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) within immersive VR experiences.


The company approached us to help design a unique virtual reality experience for cancer patients experiencing side effects during their treatments, such as loss of hair, hot flashes, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, mood swings and sleep deprivation, to engage in a world, specifically created to support their healing journey.


We developed Bubble Health, where users immerse themselves into a 3D world that allows them to relax and control the side effects associated with chemotherapy. Through engaging with diverse experiences, patients diminish certain triggers such as stress and fears that are brought about in the real world. For instance, the experience Frosty is designed to make patients feel cool, predominantly when developing hot flashes. We additionally created Luna, an animated virtual psychologist that engages and guides individuals through the challenges they are facing.

Bubble’s first experience supporting women with breast and ovarian cancer suffering from hot flashes is now in pilot study. If you have been invited to join the pilot, you have received a 4 digit pin number that you will enter after you download the app onto your mobile phone and enter bubble for the first time.

Client Reaction

“It was amazing! I instantly felt cooler”.

Breast cancer patient (D.P, age 45).

“Bubble is incredibly effective! The first time I ever entered bubble, I started experiencing a hot flush and it stopped! It stopped dead in its tracks! I couldn’t believe it! This truly is a perfect answer to my hot flashes!”.

Breast cancer patient ( M.G, age 52).

“ I felt cooler, at some point it felt like a cool breeze was actually touching my skin.”

Metastatic breast cancer patient (A.K , age 49).

“WOW!! It’s an amazing experience! Genius! So fun! It relaxed me like powerful meditation. I am in shock, I didn’t imagine or expect anything like this, it literally took me into another world. What a wonderful effect it has on my body”.

Breast cancer patient, (age 47).


Design: Tom Szirtes, Alex Adderley
3D Modelling: Alex Adderley
Development: Danielle Oliveri, Tom Szirtes, Dan Lavi
Audio: Tom Middleton
Producer: Naomi Rudich, Limor Shilinoy


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