Resmed Airmini

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The Client

ResMed is a global leader in connected care, with more than 2 million patients remotely monitored every day. We’ve worked with ResMed before for another project and so we had a great relationship with them and this time we wanted to push out the boat and increase the quality of our output.

ResMed’s tiny yet fully-featured AirMini, is designed as a secondary CPAP, making it easier for people to continue their sleep apnea therapy while traveling. They wanted a tool to engage and excite their sales teams for the launch of this exciting new product and we were happy to bring our expertise to help.

The Experience

In the experience we take the participant on a first person view of the world from a typical Airmini customer. We start with them packing to go on holiday, letting them see how little space the Airmini CPAP takes in their luggage. It follows them onto a plane just waking up from the first of many peaceful nights sleep thanks to the portable Airmini. Finally they arrive at their relaxing destination – safe in knowledge that they will be rested throughout their stay.

The Process

To up the visual bar, we created a way of combining pre-renderered 360 stereoscopic CGI backdrops with realtime lit 3D animations. Meaning that we could have beautiful environments, crisp visuals, 3D audio sound and interactivity whilst running comfortably on a mobile headset.

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