Airfit 20 Series

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ResMed is a global leader in connected care, with more than 2 million patients remotely monitored every day. They approached us to help design an educational experience for health professionals on their new range of sleep apnea masks the AirFit 20 Series. Designing a virtual reality experience for a device that is meant to be worn whilst asleep was a fun creative challenge!

We created a 3 minute experience in which users are transported into the body of a sleep apnea sufferer, woken abruptly in the middle of the night by an attack. The users then can try on one of ResMed’s AirFit 20 series masks on their bedside table. On placing on the mask they are transported into a dream-like state floating above the clouds. Here they discover the unique features of the mask in a 3D interactive presentation before awakening afresh back in their sunlit filled room after a good nights sleep.

Created in a short time period and budget the app made its debut at ERS Congress – the largest meeting in the respiratory world. We arranged for the hire of a number of Samsung Gear VR units and Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 phones during the conference. The Samsung Gear’s providing good comfort and visual fidelity whilst being highly portable and affordable. The app was a great way to attract customers to the stand and enabled their qualified sales staff to continue the conversation in more detail afterwards.

Since then not only has the app has become a regular feature at the company’s international exhibitions but also become a tool to promote masks globally.

Here is a small case study video we made at its public outing at ERS Congress in 2016.

You can try the app yourself for iPhone and Android devices on
Apple iTunes or on Google Play.

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