Sun Follower

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Sun Follower is a virtual reality experience in which the viewer is placed in a field of sunflowers, having the power to control the relationship between the earth and the sun.


We developed an interactive experience wherein the user is placed in a virtual 3D environment surrounded by sunflowers that begin to change from looking new, fresh and bright yellow to dark red and burnt and then eventually turning to ash. It metaphorically depicts the relationship between followers and followed (sunflower versus the sun), one that has clear political resonance. By being placed amongst the sunflowers, but with a certain independent capacity, the viewer can influence the course of events. The question then is who is the influencer, who the influenced? What is the relationship between independence and responsibility? What field do we, in fact, inhabit and how?

This is an upcoming virtual reality experience which will be exhibited at diverse events and exhibitions in the future!



Design: Xavi Sole, Tom Szirtes, Alex Adderley
3D Modelling: Alex Adderley
Development: Tom Szirtes
Audio: Tom Szirtes


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