Augmented Reality

Spatial computing

Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes digital content onto the physical world – to add context to our environment, see the invisible and let the digital world enter into ours, be it for work or play.

With over a billion mobile phones already AR enabled and growing, it’s the most accessible way to enjoy immersive technology.

Mixed Reality (MR) is the next evolution of AR. Whilst AR is viewed through a screen, MR is headset-based allowing deeper immersion and interaction with the virtual world through natural gestures. Since MR understands the environment around you, interactive virtual objects can be mapped to the physical environment, whether it be in the home, office or at city scale.

MR devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens and Magic Leap are paving the way, promising to transform the way we consume, interact and create digital content.

Mbryonic the AR & MR experts

We are experienced developers at the forefront of development for Apple’s ARKit, Google ARCore, Facebook’s Spark AR and Lens Studio. We have a proven track-record at pushing the boundaries of this technology to create amazing engaging experiences.

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