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Showcase XR

We create stunning interactive product demonstrators with virtual reality and augmented reality.

Our interactive sales and marketing applications simplify complex product and solution stories, communicating your value across multiple customer touch-points.

Using our Showcase XR platform, we connect you to customers wherever they are – at trade shows, meetings or remotely across the world.


Access Everywhere

Bring your showroom to your clients. With just a headset or laptop you’ve created a portal to your very own world.

Maximise Engagement

Interactive immersive experiences are the most engaging way to communicate, making a memorable impression on your customers.

Save Costs

Expand your trade show stand virtually without paying for additional space. Your stand becomes a portal to a branded universe.

CO2 Emissions

Shipping and travel not only costs money but generates greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. Reduce unnecessary freight and travel with remote presentations.

Communicate Better

We make complex information easier to understand by bringing it to life with graphics, animations, sound and interactivity.

Use Cases


For ANA we created a virtual flight experience aboard their new Business Class cabin that was used at their global launch events aimed at frequent flyers, travel agents and press.


For Coats, a leading material manufacturer, we created an augmented reality car where clients could discover how their composites and products are used in automotive industries.


For DPWorld we created a virtual tour explaining the services at their latest deep sea water port at London Gateway through engaging animated 3D graphics.



Our solutions run across PC, touchscreen, mobile and VR headsets, giving you the widest of delivery options to suit your requirements.

Stunning Visuals

We leverage the power of modern GPUs to deliver real-time graphics in real-time that look and feel almost like the real thing.


Experiences can be guided, self-driven or even conducted remotely, connecting teams and customers together without the need to travel.


VR-enabled gestural interactions allow customers to virtually try your products, which provides deeper engagement with your company’s goods and services.

Easy Distribution

Manage a portfolio of products and experiences remotely and reduce the complexity and hassles of deploying sales forces.

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