Virtual Reality

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VR is the ultimate experiential medium. In virtual reality you are fully immersed in real or fictional worlds. You are able to explore, touch and interact with the world, transport across the universe in an instant, or be shrunk to the size of a molecule- the possibilities are endless.

Traditional video is a window into a story, but with interactive VR, you are the story.

VR is experienced through high powered head-mounted displays (HMDs). There are a number of very capable and affordable headsets that can be deployed at events, in the workplace, at home, as well as on the move.

Benefits of virtual reality

Virtual Reality offers a number of benefits over traditional media:

  • Immersive – When your audience are inside a VR experience they are completely immersed in your content with no distractions.
  • Impactful – The experience feels real. You are putting your audience at the heart of the story you want to tell. Even studies have shown that VR can change users’ behaviour.
  • Engaging – In VR your audience are no longer passive observers but active participants, driving engagement off the scale.
  • Memorable – Due to how our brains function, we retain information longer and better visually. This makes it perfect for training, education and health and safety.

Mbryonic experts in VR

Our background in gaming and interactive design has given us the skills and artistry to create highly engaging, memorable experiences for global brands. We use world-class hardware and software to achieve the highest levels of immersion, interactivity and visual fidelity.

We work as an approved developer with Oculus, HTC, Samsung and Google.

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