10 Best VR Music Experiences

The Internet is inundated with new VR apps every day. But how do you find the best ones? Well, we’ve gone through and created a curated list for you of the best virtual reality music experiences out there. Music is a game changer. If your sound isn’t up to par, then the whole project can fall flat. Today we’re focusing solely on VR experiences where music is at the forefront. You’ll see some of the best VR music videos, VR music visualizers, VR games, as well as VR music platforms all for you to better enjoy the music.

In this post you’ll learn about:

  • The Best Music Focused VR Apps
  • New Upcoming Music Based VR app
  • Fun Rhythm VR Games
  • The Best VR Visualizers
  • Popular VR Music Videos

And so much more more! Seriously, we’ve filled this post with a ton of useful information, as well as there being secret bonuses at the end.

10. Intone – Sing

This game is an interesting music visualizer in that it’s completely unique. Instead of using existing music to visualize material, Intone uses your own voice. Yes, that’s right. It uses your own voice. You start off floating in deep space with a cluster of blocks in front you. You select blocks through the gaze-based reticle. Also, depending on the noises you make, the blocks will move and change colour.

Scott Hayden from RoadtoVR writes that he started making weird whale sounds and created wonderful effects in the visualizer. However, he started to get worried about what his neighbours thought of him… He didn’t want them to think he was schizophrenic. That said, he played the game for about 20 minutes, which is much longer than he would have for a traditional PC game.
Overall, Intone looks like an interesting experiment in interactive VR audio-visualizers.

9. The Weeknd – The Hills remix feat. Eminem

Moreover, the Weeknd produced a very deep and layered Virtual Reality music experience for his song The Hills feat. Eminem. Again what differentiates this video are the little details the producer adds to create that mystery in the video.

I only noticed this the third time I watched it, but the are several shadow men and women dancing in the burning apartments. There’s a meteor shower and an aurora borealis happening in the sky throughout the video. The explosion of the car also turns into a shadowy skull. And of course you cant miss the blue pulsating lights in the limo. Overall, the video creates a nefarious mood that could only be created with a mixture of CGI and 360 Video.

8. Harmonix Music Visualizer


Harmonix created a brief and colourful preview of their upcoming Music Visualizer. For those with PS4, you’ll be able to have a delightful visualization of your favourite music.

7. Playthings: Musical VR Playground

Imagine you’re 5 year old again. You’ve just got your first xylophone and you’re in love with all the sounds you can create. Playthings have timesed that experience by 10! They’ve created the ultimate playground to play around with different sounds in a friendly and colourful environment.

You’re xylophone now consists of gummy bears, neon coloured hot dogs, and jelly beans. It’s a vibrant adventure that gives you a haptic experience of sound. Playthings also uses the HTC Vive controllers as drum sticks. You can additionally fly around in this magical world creating music.

6. This Summer by Roomie (Maroon 5 Cover)

This is one the best 360 music videos I’ve seen. This virtual reality music experience incorporates multiple locations, and in every scene, there are interesting things happening. A lot of music video don’t justify their use of 360 videos. However, Roomie here travels around London, showing you elaborated dance sequences, sights of London and at one point puts on a massive show in central London!

Not only does he show great locations, but he also uses the rest of the space to put up lyrics of the song. So no matter where you’re looking, the video manages to engage you.

5. SquarePusher Music Video

This animated 360 video is perfect. It has a lot of great little details that make this video shine.

The video takes you on an adventure through a very odd world. You’re attached to a body at the beginning which runs through the world.

This happens all while you see a mixture of inhabitants hooked up to Virtual Reality headsets dancing. It goes from very bright to very dark quite rapidly and creates an interesting commentary on the future of VR. Starting off in an Utopian paradise, you slowly move into darker territories.

This video really shines with the amount of details it has. Every single scene has an endless amount of layers for you to examine. For instance, one thing I notice is that as you move through this world, all the inhabits’ eyes and body follow you throughout.

Square pusher just creates the most amazing sense of awe, completely blowing away your expectations for what a music video could be.

4. VR Amplify by Mbryonic

Amplify VR is the world’s most extraordinary virtual reality creation platform for music artists. Amplify VR enables bands, artists and musicians to stage performances in spectacular and breathtaking environments in which the audience is an active participant. It even lets users play along with their song. Amplify VR is a new type of immersive virtual reality music experience for the digital future!

More details to be released in 2019.


VRTIFY is trying to position itself as the main music VR platform. It showcases a multitude of features for you:

  • Experience Your Favourite Music in VR World
  • Hub of 360 Music Videos
  • Access your Spotify while going through popular 360 experiences
  • See destinations that have been shot in 360

VRTIFY is an interesting mix of everything that VR offers you. While VRTIFY doesn’t offer any new per se, it bundles all the best features of VR into one app. This means it can save you a lot of time if you want to explore the best things you can do with your new VR headset.

2. Audioshield

Moreover, Audio Shield is an interactive way for you to engage your music. You might remember the game AudioSurf where you used your keyboard to move to the notes of your chosen song.

Well, Audio Shield has a similar game style. It’s a new virtual reality music game that comes out for the HTC Vive. In the game, notes fly at you and you need to hit them with the correct remote control.

One interesting side effect that Jeff Grubb writes is that you create new memories of your favourite songs. So if you’re playing that song, because you were listening to that using your whole body, it subsequently creates a deeper memory. Similar to how, if you see a band at a concert, when you hear their music later you’ll be reminded of the concert you attended.

You could argue that this is even better than virtual reality music visualizers because instead of being passive, it engages you to actively participate in the song.

1. Harmonix Rockband VR

While Rock band hasn’t been released yet, when it does you’ll finally be able to immerse in the rockstar lifestyle.

Rock band VR is an Oculus exclusive schedule to come out after the Oculus remote control is released.

It uses the Rift headset and one Oculus Touch controller, which are placed at the end of your guitar to be a motion tracker.

Adi Robertson from The Verge writes this about his experience:

[blockquote]As with its flatscreen counterpart, the environment is a little simplified and cartoonish, as are your virtual bandmates and the crowd in front of you. But the sense of space feels very real, and so does your Touch-equipped guitar, which responds to real-world movement. Swing the plastic controller forward, for example, and you’ll wack the mic stand in front of you in VR. In order to start the GDC demo, you run through a pre-show checklist that includes tasks like glancing back to check your amp, or looking at the drummer to kick off the song.[/blockquote]

Overall it offers a more convincing visual illusion of Rock Star experience, and it’s sure to be one Oculus’s major hits for the new platform.


In conclusion, the use of music in VR has been seeing a lot of interesting innovations. There’s a focus on games, visualizers, and music videos. Each video we showcased here used music to better engage the audience. That’s one of the patterns throughout this post. We’ve always loved music because of how it speaks to us on a visceral level. With the help of VR, the music comes to us in a special way. VR lets us experience and connect to music more personally than ever before.



BONUS: 3 Extra Examples of Music and VR

1. Surge

Also, Surge is a real-time completely unique VR music video. You start on an infinite plan and tiny blocks start to appear. These tiny blocks pulsate to the beat of the dark and electronic music.

In the video, you’ll see how the tiny blocks spring up as if they charged with electricity. All while there’s a colourful aurora borealis happening in the sky.

But this music video shifts abruptly and gives you various different scenarios. Suddenly giant rectangular blocks appear in the sky. In the climax of the video, you start seeing giant men, formed of these tiny blocks, who then start walking past you.

Overall, Surge presents one of the most interesting abstract music videos on the Rift.

2. VRock Music Visualizer

Additionally, VRock is a virtual reality music Player app that you can find on the Samsung gear. It offers you several different scenarios wherein you can visualize your music. The cockpit scenario is quite interesting because it’s like your flying in space through a visualization field.

3. Luke Bryan’s 360 Music Video “Home Alone Tonight”

Lastly, Luke Bryan, the country music star, made a 360 video like no one else. Most 360 music videos mostly use wide angle cameras but Luke Bryan’s video is different. He uses 3D models of a bar and creates a story where the camera goes through the bar. He also has the lyrics pop as you go through the bar to keep the viewer engaged. The video currently has 5.7M views.

Some viewers, like Abbi August really liked this effect and wrote this about it:

“I was spinning around in my kitchen holding my phone in my hand following the lyrics…. Great vid… Mom called me crazy ?”

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