8 Ways To Stay Connected In Virtual Reality During Covid-19

Due to the global Corona Virus outbreak, working and learning approaches have drastically changed, with everyone looking for the most practical, accessible ways to communicate and collaborate without leaving the comfort of their own home. Many people are using popular applications such as Zoom and House Party to stay social. Although these apps are very useful, there’s only so much interaction they can offer.

Immersive technology such as Virtual Reality moves us beyond the boundaries of social distancing, as it closes the gap of distance between people to a larger extent. Despite the vital yet frustrating restrictions that are currently keeping us at home, VR gives us all the opportunity to interact together with a greater level of presence and personification, compared to a typical Zoom meeting.

Numerous VR software and applications have been released, helping to simplify business collaboration, allow individuals to learn and train, and give us the chance to stay social in a more immersive manner. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways you and your business can embrace this emerging technology and stay connected during this strange and stressful time.

Remote Meetings

Diverse virtual reality apps have been designed to help professionals communicate, present and remotely collaborate. By putting on a VR headset, you interact in a modern virtual extension of your workplace. You remove the barrier of geography between co-workers, reduce time and travel costs and simplify the process of collaboration.


Glue is a VR platform intended for business professionals to communicate efficiently with colleagues. The app takes advantage of virtual reality, immersive 3D graphics and cloud computing. Simulations mimic your gestures as well as move their facial movements in pace with your voice when interacting with co-workers. You are also able to customise your meeting environment to fit your specific use case and make use of the app’s toolkit, which includes post-it notes, whiteboards and the option to freehand 3D draw.


MeetinVR enables companies to have meetings in interactive VR spaces from anywhere, at any time, in a workspace environment that meets your business’ needs. Users can present and review products and 3D models, sketch on a whiteboard, create mind maps and prototypes as well as do team building activities in a way that traditional video calls are unable to do.

Remote Designing

VR has become extremely useful within manufacturing and rendering companies. Many applications are focused on enhancing collaboration within teams, as well as giving them the opportunity to annotate and review CAD designs and 3D models and showcase prototypes, all without leaving their homes!


Improov allows designers to experience and collaborate on 3D models as if it were built at scale 1, discuss CAD designs and modify prototypes in real time. Users can collaborate with their team, detect errors and demonstrate their capabilities to other contractors for feedback. They can also communicate their vision by showcasing the product to clients, making Improov a great marketing tool.


VisionxR brings teams together by enabling users to upload their own content and invite colleagues to collaborate on designs via VR, AR, desktop or mobile. This is very useful for team members or clients who do not own a VR headset, as they still have the opportunity to cooperate effectively on the app via their chosen device. VisionxR lets you review, improve designs of products and services, enable fast iterations, change environmental conditions and record the collaboration in real time.

Innovative VR applications, such as the ones above, are challenging the way design teams work, with it truly becoming a necessary enterprise. We’ve described how and why in more detail in our article ‘How Virtual Reality Is Impacting Industrial Design And Engineering’.

Remote Learning & Training

Although schools and training facilities are currently closed due to the pandemic, students and trainees are still able to learn remotely through VR platforms.


Acadius is an effective app that implements training and education within an organisation through flexible methods of delivering diverse immersive training scenarios. Live VR sessions let teachers and students work together, as they interact with virtual medical apparatus in a spatial scenario that fits their specific use case. Additionally, students can practice together and invite remote participants from around the world to train with them.


Engage is an immersive education and corporate training platform that lets users host and attend meetings, presentations, classes and events with others around the world. You can host your own VR session and record them for others to watch/experience another time. No technical expertise is needed, as tools, such as virtual objects, effects and locations are available for you to create your VR training or learning experience in minutes!

Immersive technology has numerous advantages. Not only are you able to re-create real life scenarios without any associated risks, it is also a great way to teach students/trainees in an engaging and memorable manner. We’ve compiled more of our favourite examples of VR training in VR Training: A World Of Opportunity as well as why it’s the beneficial for education in ‘Why VR Is The Perfect Education Tool’.

Remote Socialising

This pandemic is currently preventing us from being able to socialise with our friends and family face-to face. Social VR platforms have made it easier for us to connect with our loved ones, as well as meet new people in fun immersive settings. It makes being cooped up inside much more entertaining!


Compatible via VR, AR or 2D magic window mode, Vtime lets users spend time together even when miles apart. Create a fun avatar, express yourself using virtual gestures, chat with friends and meet new people in numerous fun immersive destinations. Don’t forget to capture the moment with a virtual selfie!

Altspace VR

Altspace VR is the VR hotspot for social gatherings. Attend live shows such as open mic nights and stand-up comedy shows, learn a new skill by joining a painting class, or even go to VR Church. Not only can you RSVP to happenings by other users from around the world, you can easily create your own event, fully customising the environment yourself or simply selecting a pre-made environment.

During these strange times defined by isolation and distancing, we are able to see the potential VR has within numerous areas of our lives. Immersive technology has enriched the way we connect with co-workers, clients and our own personal network. From virtual offices to interactive social gatherings, it’s given us a whole new way of working and bonding. For digital innovators, this is the moment to experiment and get creative with immersive technology, seeing how it can further enhance our lives, whilst everything else is still on hold.

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