Adient Ascent VR

Adient Aerospace

Adient Aerospace is a new joint venture between Boeing and Adient. They commissioned Acumen, a leading transport design consultancy to develop their debut product line.

The Adient Ascent seating is an innovative modular aircraft seating system, allowing airlines unparalleled flexibility in cabin configurations.

The Challenge with such flexibility and numerous potential layouts is how to communicate to clients what the impact of their choices will look like. At a trade show or sales meeting you only have a small amount of time- there’s no time for designers to go away and create new renders.


This is why we created a first of its kind experience for the airline industry. We built a configurator app where customers create their own cabin configurations using a simple touch screen interface. A rules-engine makes sure that only valid configurations can be created.

Once the client is happy with their configuration, the system builds a high definition virtual cabin. Using a VR headset, they can instantly experience what it is actually like to be in their personalised cabin. They can sit in a seat as well as walk down the aisle, giving unparalleled visibility.

The sales team can guide them through the experience, transporting the user to different viewpoints and dynamically change the material and trim settings from a range of options. Lastly, the client can receive emailed images of their personalized cabin captured by the software.

Adient Ascent was debuted at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors EXPO in April 2018. Hawaiian Airlines has been announced as the first customer for the new system.

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