Virtual Reality for Learning

Essex Employment and Skills Board was established with the aim of giving employers a platform to develop skills provision across Essex. By working with diverse employers, academic establishments and the local government, the ESB develops solutions to the skill challenges that businesses face, in addition to giving individuals assistance in building long-term careers.

The Logistics industry is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in Essex, but this growth has caused a recruitment challenge for employers as they struggle to raise awareness of the industry in the local population.

Building on Success

After the success of the London Gateway Port virtual reality experience we created for DP World, ESB Essex approached us to create an educational VR recruitment tool based around the logistics industry. We developed, DELIVRIT, a VR experience showcasing the opportunities of working in the logistics sector.

The experience, available on both the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go, puts users in control of delivering a package. Beginning in a factory in Asia, you follow the supply chain directly to the buyer. You experience and understand the operation of transporting goods, the equipment used and who is involved.

The Experience

The site comprises of colourful 3D, 360° environments (such as a port, city and warehouse) with dynamic lighting, informational hotspots, animations and navigation options. Users can move around the site, visit points of interests and perform mini job tasks, such as operating a crane, driving a forklift and scanning packages.

The experience was debuted at Digital Arts Festival 2018 at the University of Essex, an event where young students are able to discover different studying career options and examine how technology is driving creative industries forward. The engaging and educational story-telling aspect of the experience was such a success that it’s now popularly used around schools and job fairs around the UK.


So effective was the experience, that we have additionally created a bespoke version of this experience for Thurrock Council. Not only have we received numerous interest from other sectors and councils, the Department of Work & Pensions cited DELIVRIT to be the best practice of VR Learning.

Interested to try it out? DELIVRIT is available for free on the Oculus Go Store for all to try!

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