Coats Automotive AR


Coats are the world’s leading industrial thread business, harnessing talent and technology in textiles to enhance people’s lives. Working for our good friends at Vismedia Agency, we created an AR marketing experience for a series of global sales events for Coats’ customers in the automotive industry.

The app we produced with Vismedia featured a detailed highly realistic 3D model of a car. It lets users explore and learn about how Coat’s technologically advanced threads, zips and trims are used in its construction.

For key sales events, a 3D printed model of the car was constructed, adding visual impact. Using the camera on the iPad, an augmented reality digital overlay is visible with intuitive interface that tells the story of the use of these materials through text, images, video and 3D animations.


Using AR has benefits, such as improved attention and audience engagement, which results in customers spending longer using the app. It is also more intuitive to use, as audiences are able to naturally walk around the car to view it from different angles.

Additionally, this app is very useful for sales teams. For example, they can present the app in meetings, showcasing a virtual car without requiring the physical model. A desktop & web-based version of the experience can also be provided for online and more formal presentations.

Overall, our cross platform VR, AR and Desktop technology provides maximum return on investment.

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