What’s In The Box AR

Captivating Trade Show Attendees with AR

The battle for visitor’s attention at trade shows can be fierce. Companies adopting immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences into their stands have found this technology an important tool in attracting and engaging audiences.

For CES 2019, one of the biggest technology trade shows in the world, Amazon approached us looking for ideas to help them educate visitors on the types of dangerous goods that are regulated for transport.

When you think of “dangerous goods” toxic or highly corrosive products may come to mind. But you may be surprised that it also includes consumer products we use on a daily basis such as laptops, electronic items and even cosmetics.

They needed to bring this important subject to life and we did this by designing an engaging augmented reality mini-game.

So we created a ‘Think Inside The Box’ app in which users can virtually x-ray a shipping package using the magic of augmented reality.

Delivering for Amazon

On their stand Amazon had a palette of boxes which users could scan, using a number of Samsung tablets. The app we built recognises the package and magically reveals its contents in the camera view. Users are then asked if they think an item is a dangerous good regulated for transport. This is repeated several times, so they learn about different types of risks. At the end they are given a score on their performance.

Built over three weeks using Google’s AR Core, this technology enables the app to recognise objects and understand the environment around it allowing us to create an immersive experience.

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