Amplify VR

New Musical Experiences

Amplify VR is a brand new white label technology platform for artists wishing to showcase their music using immersive power virtual reality. Developed by Mbryonic, creators of award winning art installations and immersive experiences. We are reducing the cost of entry into the exciting world of VR for artists and labels through innovative technology and creative solutions.

Video Box is the first consumer-ready product built using our platform Amplify VR. In Video Box audiences can watch music videos in an amazing reactive immersive virtual reality environments. It allows the user to interact with the content – whether by applying audio effects, manipulating environments through movement and even allowing them to remix their own experience.

How Does It Work?

Our software analyses music videos for their rhythmic and color content. It allows the user to watch the videos in 360 environments that pulse, change and animate to the music enveloping the user in an immersive tactile experience. We have currently have nine customisable environments but new ones can be added and built to spec. Allowing artists to create if required a completely new and bespoke experiences. Artist branding and logos can also be incorporated throughout the experience and UI to provide a completely white-label experience..

The software is primarily designed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. However Playstation VR and even mobile units such as Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard can be supported with some modification on request.

How Can I Distribute It?

Amplify VR is distributed as an application for VR headsets. VR headset owners can download them from popular app stores such as Steam (PC), Oculus Store (PC + Mobile) or could download it directly from a web-site.

Additionally we are able to export 360 videos non-interactive for sharing on social media and for viewing on mobile headsets such as Google Cardboard / Daydream.

We can build a ‘one-off’ experience using the platform for a particular promotion that is released as a standalone app. Alternatively we can build a portfolio product which contains a number of videos in that the user can choose between.

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