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Augmented Reality Everywhere

Did you know by 2020 there will be 1 billion augmented reality users. Chances are you already own a device that has AR applications on it, such as a mobile phone!

Companies like Facebook and Snapchat have invested heavily into building AR capabilities for their mobile apps, letting users enjoy customised AR filters and interactive AR games. Big brands, like Netflix have already been creating engaging AR marketing content on these platforms to communicate with hard to reach milennials.

The good news for your brand is that it keeps getting easier to use AR experiences for marketing purposes and this is how we helped the Modern Times Group.

MTG are a leading international digital entertainment group shaping the future of entertainment by connecting audiences with content they love. Their brands spans TV, radio and entertainment experiences such as online gaming, esports and digital video networks.

Promoting Shows through Facebook AR

In partnership with MTG Creative, MTG’s in house agency, we at Mbryonic created a series of innovative, fun Facebook AR effects. These were made to advertise their TV shows  ‘Are You The One, Sweden and Parneviks’. The AR filters were developed on Spark AR Studio, a Facebook camera effects platform that lets artists & developers create a diverse range of effects – from simple filters to interactive games.

For the popular dating show ‘Are You The One’, we designed an algorithm that detects whether two people who are looking at the screen are a potential match. After scanning the users’ faces, the effect indicates a match by hearts appear over their eyes. Sadly, if no matched, a broken heart emerges and the users’ faces will modify to look like they are crying.

Are You The One Sweden Facebook AR filters

Moreover, we brought the Swedish reality TV show, Parnevicks, ‘into the hands’ of fans. This Facebook AR filter lets users add their face into a group picture of the TV cast. Although it is quite a simple filter, its entertainment factor causes it to leave a lasting brand impression.

Are You The One Sweden Facebook AR filters

Engaging Sports Fans through AR

The sports industry is making increased efforts to improve the fan experiences. Audiences are expecting more and watching a match isn’t enough. Fun, interactive sports filters therefore bring a positive change and entertainment to audiences. Not only do these filters stimulate fan engagement, through organic sharing by users it becomes the perfect way to market a sports team/event.

For these reasons, MTG Creative asked us to develop an AR Facebook filter that would promote the Swedish ice hockey team. This fun filter transforms the user into a hockey goaltender, complete with broken teeth – looking like they’re ready for their next hockey match!

Are You The One Sweden Facebook AR filters


As technology develops, companies need to keep finding innovative ways in which to gain brand visibility. We provided MTG Creative with entertaining and cost-effective content that organically help them reach a large audience. These AR filters bring create a unique personal experience for the user. This will subsequently make them more motivated to interact with the brand on a repeated basis in the future.

Are you interested in getting an AR filter made for you? Or maybe you want to know more about how to use AR to market your company, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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