ClearScore AR

Financial Planning using Augmented Reality

ClearScore is a London-based FinTech company that gives customers in the UK and South Africa free access to their credit score and report, helping them to achieve greater financial wellbeing.

ClearScore’s third annual conference was an occasion to demonstrate to staff and partners the innovation that drives their business. ClearScore wanted to demonstrate how augmented reality (AR) could help customers visualise and understand the impact of their spending behaviours, ultimately helping them make better financial decisions.

Delivering for ClearScore

We created a demonstrator in which users are asked to help Mark, a young urban professional, discover ways to save for a deposit on a mortgage.

Using our iPhone app, users use the camera to scan various everyday objects like coffee cups, receipts and wallets. In doing so the app overlays information about Mark’s spending behaviour over the object, as well as recommending tailored advice and special product offers from ClearScore’s partners.

For example, scanning a receipt calculates Mark’s total cash spend that month. Transactions categorized and sorted so Mark can keep track of his spending more easily.

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