Virtual Showroom VR

Amplifying Sales Meetings

We were approached by Dell EMC – one of the worlds’ largest suppliers of IT services –  to provide some innovative ideas on how to amplify their sales using immersive technology. When presenting to some of the largest companies in the world, a Powerpoint deck isn’t going to cut it! And although headset experiences are amazing, they may not always be the right solution.

So we worked with our friends at Igloo Vision to come up with an original way Dell can utilise immersive experiences within their teams.

Igloo supply 360° projection environments, in which multiple users can experience immersive content together without requiring headsets. Although this is less mobile and flexible than an experience with a headset, it removes some of the barriers to experiencing shared virtual reality, generating greater impact and engagement.

Shared VR

Us at Mbryonic, in collaboration with Igloo, built a proof of concept experience for Dell, which they can share with their management teams. Utilizing fully interactive CGI, we built a virtual showroom that runs on an Igloo cylinder. In it, staff can give 360° presentations uniquely tailored to their audiences. In these presentations, they can demonstrate the features and performance capabilities of their products and services in a more engaging and visually-appealing manner.

Additionally, with just a press of a button, individuals can virtually visit a data centre configured to their own requirements.

The presentation went down a storm! Executives are planning on rolling out immersive presentation environments across a range of showrooms and marketing events in 2019.

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