Sky City

We’ve been rolling out SkyCity Showcase VR – a platform for creating interactive marketing virtual reality experiences, quickly and cost effectively. It runs on everything from Google Cardboard to Oculus Rift. Our early customers include a leading drinks brand and a global medical company, and its been getting amazing responses.However sadly we can’t always share all the cool stuff we do for other people. So we decided to build a playful presentation that takes you on a fantastic journey to SkyCity – the headquarters of digital immersive design studio Mbryonic. You are welcomed by a giant robotic receptionist who gives you a short interactive tour of our work and gives you information about the latest VR headsets out there. We’ve put it on the app store for everyone to enjoy on Google Cardboard.


Android users click here!
iPhone users click here!

*Requires Google Cardboard

Teaser below:

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